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Types of Weekly Fantasy Football Contests

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football Contests You Can Enjoy ! - Some of the new players in the fantasy football world and even the long time players may assume that the phrase “weekly fantasy football contest” may refer to the game or playing fantasy football, drafting, competing for the season etc. Some of the new players in the fantasy football world and even the long time players may assume that the phrase “weekly fantasy football contest” may refer to the game or playing fantasy football, drafting, competing for the season etc. 

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football Contests :

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football Contests You Can Enjoy

What you need to know is there are weekly fantasy football contests you can join in aside from maintaining and playing fantasy football in your own league.Playing in a weekly fantasy football contest is a type of game which is still part of the fantasy football umbrella. The weekly fantasy football contest may be you choosing to play a game in which you pick the best QB, WR and RB trio to win or you debate on a certain fantasy football issue. These are just side games in the wide world of fantasy football that makes watching football such a popular and fun endeavor. Here are types of weekly fantasy football contests which you can enjoy.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 1 : Pro Football Pick’em This is the most common fantasy football contest. You have an NFL team with a corresponding “+” symbol and a number. This indicates that the particular NFL team is an underdog. A negative number is an indicator of the favorite NFL team. Now, you pick a team to win an NFL game and the score of the team is added or subtracted to the final score and the total determines the winner.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 2 : College Football Pick’em This type of contest is similar to Pro Football Pick’em. The only difference is you are betting on college teams. This is much harder because there are more factors that affect a college team than an NFL team.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 3 : Weekly Line Up Challenge You pick players who you predict will come on top of their specific NFL positions. For this contest you are betting against an “expert.” If you get a higher score than the expert, you get a bonus point.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 4 : Name a Fantasy Football Team Contest Think of a creative and catchy fantasy football team name. Entries are voted on by everyone to win.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 5 : Survivor, Fantasy Football Pick the winning team each week. One wrong prediction and you are out of the game, survivor style.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 6 : 3 Play Fantasy Football Prediction Pick the QB, WR and RB who will top the game. The right combination equates a win for you.

Types of Weekly Fantasy Football # 7 : Football Debates Are you good at arguing? Seven judges will determine the better debater in issues that concern fantasy football of course. 

How To Win At Fantasy NFL Football - Learn Some Useful Tips

How To Win At Fantasy NFL Football : It appears that fantasy NFL football is becoming more popular each and every day. Countless number of people are actively participating the game, even more creating their own fantasy NFL football leagues. But in spite o the immense popularity of this sport activity. Many still don’t know what exactly fantasy NFL football is all about.


How To Win At Fantasy NFL Football :

Fantasy NFL football is a place where a football enthusiasts like you can show off his ability to build, manage and coach a team towards a championship game. Your winning will be determined according to the performance of your NFL players in their games each week and how well your team does.

There are certain useful tips that you must be aware when involving yourself to this popular activity, thus for you to have a wonderful and rewarding experience, and of course, to help you be victorious. Here are some of them : 

Never forget to do your research. Unlike any other sports, football is an extremely complicated one but a real hard- hitting action. Thus, it is very important that you do intense research every now and then. When it comes to Fantasy NFL football, knowledge is power, meaning the more you are knowledgeable about the game updates and information, the more you can survive the game, and the more chances of winning.  

You won’t always be able to choose the top players for your team during your league’s drafting process. So, prior selecting, make a research first about individual players. Know how well they are skill and potential, how was their performance from the previous years and whether their real-world teammates can help them perform their best. 

All these stuff can be get through sports magazines or websites that gives information about the ranking of the fantasy NFL football players. Monitor Your Players Injuries are common incident in the NFL, even the best player may deal with it. Also, every NFL team has a bye week during the season. So, make sure your lineup has players that actually will be on the field each week.

Watch for advantageous matchups for your players. Some NFL defenses are much tougher than others, and you might want to use a different player on your roster against a weaker defense. Know the rules of the gameIt is very important that you very well know the leagues. Leagues rules differ from one another, it is necessary that you are aware of the leagues rule. 

You would not just like to rely on the website. If you are well knowledgeable about these rules, sure you will have a big advantage right from the start. Make watching game your habit. Watching games regularly will not only add enjoyment but you can also collect lots of significant information. Play Fantasy NFL football both for fun… and money !!! Even if you are playing in a league with friends, always remember that you spend your hard earned cash for that game, so make the most out of it. Make sure that your experience will be fun and exciting. Always do and make your best. You doesn'’t need to win much, just a few bucks is okay. 

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How To Play Fantasy Football - Complete Guide

How To Play Fantasy Football - Complete Guide : Fantasy football gives you a chance to attempt your abilities as a Fantasy holder. After you join a group, you scout for and draft players, go up against other Fantasy holders, and utilize all your abilities to win the championship. Figuring out how to play Fantasy football is simple; overcoming your rivals and turning into a champion is an alternate story.

How To Play Fantasy Football :

  • You join a league.

You can join a public league, where anyone can sign up for a spot, or a private league, where you need an invitation to play. Some people, typically beginners, play just for fun and some play for money (in some cases, serious coin). Be sure to understand the type of league you join, along with its rules. League selection is an important factor, so don't take it lightly.

  • You prepare for your league draft by scouting players.

Before choosing your fantasy team, you need to research all the available players so you can pre-rank them according to your personal preference. Understanding your league’s scoring system and roster setup is critical to creating a bulletproof draft strategy.

  • You build your fantasy football team via the draft.

The draft is the most fun and exciting day of the fantasy season. During the draft, each fantasy owner selects on NFL player at a time until the rosters are complete. Fantasy football drafts can take place online, but some leagues — typically friends or co-workers — will conduct the draft in person. Remember to draft all of the correct positions, so that you can have a full team roster.

  • Your team competes against another team every week.

During the NFL season, the real teams face each other and so do the fantasy teams in your league. The players' real-time stats are converted into fantasy points by your league provider, and the fantasy team that scores the most points wins the game for the week. The goal is to win as many games as possible to make the playoffs.

  • You make moves to improve your team.

As a fantasy owner, you're in total control. You can drop players you think aren't good enough and replace them with free agents. If one of your starters gets injured, you can bench him and start a healthy player instead. You may even make a trade offer to another owner.

  • Your team (hopefully) makes the playoffs and wins your league.

Only the strong survive, and at the end of the fantasy season, the top teams square off in a single-elimination tournament to decide the league champion. The last team standing may win a trophy, a cash prize, or just honor; but make no mistake, there will be only one winner.

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What Is Fantasy Football - About Fantasy Football

What Is Fantasy Football - About Fantasy Football : Fantasy football is a statistical game in which players compete against each other by managing groups of real players or position units selected from American football teamsDo you have what it takes to put together a winning football franchise? 


What Is Fantasy Football :

NFL Fantasy Football gives you the perfect chance to find out. Fantasy football, like other fantasy games, puts you in the front office and on the sidelines as General Manager and Coach of your team. You select from a list of the best players in the NFL and they compete on a weekly basis for your team. Their on-field performance drives your fantasy point total and overall success.

Specifically, fantasy football works like this: You decide what type of league you want to participate in, acquire a roster of players (either through a draft or through autopick assignment), then set your lineup each week during the season and watch as touchdowns, field goals, yards gained, sacks, interceptions and much, much more generate fantasy points for or against your team. Whether you win or lose and climb or fall on the leaderboard all depends on how well you maximize the talent on your roster each week. Will you make a risky move to start that backup running back or will you play it safe and keep your starting lineup consistent?

About Fantasy Football :

From prize-eligible NFL-Managed Leagues to fully customizable Custom Leagues, provides ample options to start your fantasy season. Want to compete to win official NFL prizes including trips to the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIX? Join an NFL-Managed league, where you will go head-to-head against other NFL fans across the country for the right to be called a league champion. 

Or are you looking to fully customize your fantasy experience, from the league and scoring settings to the users you will compete with on a weekly basis? Create your Custom league today and invite friends, family, co-workers and anyone else to compete in a season-long fantasy battle on Exclusive Fantasy Football features including instant video highlights and free Fantasy Game Center Live Scoring await in all fantasy leagues.

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